In my art, I attempt to express the humor in the mundane by contrasting everyday details with slightly askew elements (i.e. frogs on a pair of jeans.) These are not sophisticated proclamations, but gently light-hearted observations. The things, events, and creatures I draw are derived from what I see in my world; my backyard, my closet, the street, my kitchen, or freely associated thoughts and daydreams. 

I am an artist because I love to draw. My motivation originates in the desire to visually record snippets of life. These are the sometime amusing, funny, bizarre, silly, or odd minor things that seem to happen between the major things in life. My artistic goals are to continue to chronicle what I see and feel. My most important objective is to explore the process of drawing. My gratification comes from the business of creating the art, choosing the subject matter and thematic content, and assembling a coherent statement. I seek to involve the viewer in a visual encounter that is both enjoyable and refreshing.

As an illustrator I frequently used pen and ink. The transition to colored pencil seemed quite natural. It provided the same vehicle for detail, sharp line, directness and control I needed with the addition of inspiring color choices. It allowed me to concentrate on my work and not worry about time consuming preparation or clean up. I could pick it up or put it down for a minute or a month.

People have asked me why I primarily use colored pencil. Don’t they know once you hold a colored pencil you can’t put it down?