Judith Orner Bruce, a native of Pasadena, California, is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, bringing to her work a background in fine art. Judith has created artwork for book publishers and private collections. She is currently a Fine Artist, creating colored pencil and ink drawings. 

In recent years Judith’s work appears in The Best of Colored Pencil III and The Best of Colored Pencil IV. Interested in book illustration, she has been a featured illustrator in Kite Tales, the newsletter for the Southern California Society of Book Writers and Illustrators. Judith has illustrated two books for children, Colored Pencil Craze by Grace Tai and Puppy Love by Christine Thompson.

Judith’s work is a natural extension of her scholastic and professional experience. Her work involves attention to detail, while using a humorous juxtaposition of mundane and askew elements. Her drawings are determined by her immediate environment. Her unique, whimsical images are the result of combining her favorite creatures of the natural world with everyday utilitarian objects. She uses a vivid palette and a light, feathery style.

She has participated in many art exhibitions: Colored Pencil Society of America International Exhibition in San Diego, National Art League in New York, and a six day demonstration and exhibition of her complete body of work at the Milliard Sheets Gallery at the Los Angeles County Fair. She also had a solo show at Vroman’svBookstore in Pasadena, California.

Judith has taught colored pencil drawing to children and adults. She communicates her enthusiasm to her students, and enjoys watching students go from “I can’t draw” to rapt absorption in the creative process.

Judith holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the U. C. Santa Barbara. Her concentration was drawing and painting, with a minor in printmaking.

The Bruce family consists of a supportive husband, two terrific daughters, and two dogs. She resides in Gresham, Oregon